Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mini Sclera Phantasee Black Titan Lens Review + Coupon

Hello Lovelies! VERY excited to do this review since its my FIRST ever MINI SCLERAS. I was scared and intimidated to try them not only since they are my first black lenses but also because they are the BIGGEST lenses I have.

Just a side note that if you are a first time customer and first time wearer of circle lenses you should give E Circle Lenses Library a thorough read that has been organised by Uniqso. For a wise purchase of circle lenses & to prevent problems which may rise when you are wearing circle lenses the first time please read " Circle Contact Lens Guide Part A (pre-shopping) and Circle Contact Lens Guide Part B (After purchase). Here is my personal opinion and findings ! ^-^
NATURAL EYE COLOR: Greenish-grey with yellow center
Base Curve8.6mm
Color TonesBlack
Diameter17mm (WOW!)
Replacement Period6 months
Water Content38%

Very black! I have never looked so much like a doll before, these are AMAZING for the ultimate Uzzlang look.  the center of these lenses is very abrupt and no"blend" but that what also makes these lenses so unique. I natural color peeked out and made my eyes look ever so mysterious and shiny!

These are just awesome. I LOVE big lenses and these are the biggest ever.  Very happy!

When I first put these lenses in, I did not even notice them, they slid right in without any difficulty or stinging. I really liked  that because I usually wait till I'm done with my make up to put lenses in. Some other lenses make my eyes water once I first put them in but not these! I also have to mention that they felt kind of "breathable", giving my eyes oxygen. They started to dry out after a  few hours, so I had to use my rotho c cube eye drops. I would not recommend wearing them for longer than 4 hours at first and let your eyes gradually get used to how big they are. (increasing wear time by an hour every time you wear them)

Not natural, not on my eyes anyways, but if you have dark color eyes these will blend better with you pupil hole. 

I think these lenses are one of the most unique and dolly looking ones ever. Definitely more of a cosplay lens or your ultimate uzzlang lens! I rate then as a 4/5 because I wish the pupil blend was more gradual. You can make a hot and sexy goth look by just adding red lipstick. MUAH 

Mini Black Scleras

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Photoshoot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lol

Hope this review helps!


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