Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kawayii SUPER Big Eyes A-Max Blue Review + Coupon

Hello everyone! Here is a cool post with vibrant solid color blue circle lens review in contrast to my last review of subtle opaque blue lenses. These are called Kawayii SUPER Big Eyes A-Max Blue and here is my personal opinion on them.



Greenish grey with yellow

This is the first pair of lenses i have that are this vivid. I did not expect them to POP with COLOR so much. I did not really like how they look in the bottle because there was so much black and that dulls down my natural color. However, once I put them on I was really taken back with how vibrant they made my eyes look.

Base Curve               8.6mm
Color Tones             2 Tones
Diameter                  20mm (these actually SEEM MORE LIKE 15mm)
Prescription              0.00 plano is only available for now
Replacement Period  12 months
Water Content         38%

Perfect enlargement, cant complain. Even tho there is a lot of black in the rim they do not dull my eyes at all while still giving the dolly look enlargement.

They glide right in without causing any discomfort or making my eyes water. Love the way they feel!

Not what I expected but pleasantly surprised regardless. These will be as bright as they look on my eyes on any color eyes. They would look more natural on brown eyes in my opinion. This color could be great for sailor moon cosplay or anyone who wants to have vibrant eyes day or night.

I like this style of circle lenses but still getting uses to how different they are from my other ones. The color is more solid instead of my usual opaque. They are comfortable and vivid just don't look natural on my eyes.

EOS Brand

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Below is a comparison of beuberry kitten eyes in blue circle lenses and these kawaii a-max blue circle lenses.

Super cutsie packaging!

  Photoshoot time!

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Beuberry Kitten Eyes Blue Review & Coupon Code

Hello everyone! I have not posted for a while but have been meaning to do a review on one of my favorite styles of lenses in blue. For a while I was on a kick only wearing green but I decided that I should give other colors a try. I am always looking for lenses with not a lot of black in the design so that my light eyes don't look dark.

Since I adore my kitten eyes lenses in green, I figured that blue might be even better and here are my findings:


PRICE: $17.90

NATURAL EYE COLOR: Greenish grey with yellow

This is one of my favorite designs besides puffy 3 tones and the nudys, and the color is opaque, keeping the light integrity of my eyes. I cant decide which color I like more blue or green. What do you think?

Click >>HERE<< for my Beuberry Green Kitten Eyes Review

Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
Prescription0.00 to -5.50
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content55%

Absolutely perfect just like my green ones! I love the small halo effect and an interesting very thin limbal ring which really makes my eyes look big and beautiful.

These make my eyes water more that some other lenses upon inserting them but once i have them in for a while i can barely feel them. Moisturizing drops are a must because these can dry out faster due to a high water content.

There are THE MOST NATURAL BLUE lenses I have ever found, period.

I love them! Sparkly and natural with an incredible enlarging effect. Opaque and will go perfect with any eye color because of that!

These lenses are also known as Vassen Crystal or Vassen Vivian 3 Tone Blue.

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Up above the left side is the inner color and on the right is the color everyone sees on the outside.

They came with a such a cute diamond pattern case<3

No flash:

Just for fun Ii had my bf try these on. They looked goooood <3

PHOTOSHOOT! lol ~~~~~~

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Solone Vivid Fantasy Smoody Pencil Review & Coupon !

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a quick review on the Solone Alice Fantasy Smoody Pencil in Black which I ordered online for tight lining my waterline.

Usually when I do my make up, I load up on my mascara close to my upper waterline to darken it, and I realized there is a much easier solution to that! Tight lining can define and open up your eyes as long as you have the right easy glide eyeliner. So I went on my search, however nothing I could find at my beauty supply stores was smooth or soft enough for everyday use.  Then I set my search online. One n night when  I was ordering my circle lenses from Uniqso, I figured to check out their make up section and found this Smoody eyeliner on sale and went for it. 
Here is my findings:


PRICE: $13.90 $11.82 (I got mine on SALE)

COLOR: Black Glitter

This glides on better than Lancome, Este Lauder or MAC. I have never had a liner like this, you can even blend it for a smoky look with very little effort. It will not transfer and stay in place. I like it for tight lining my upper lash line to darken my lashes and make my eyes pop so I don't over use my mascara there instead.

EASE OF USE: 5/5 This eyeliner is SO CREAMY, literally just glides on but does not transfer to where you don't want it. Its also 2 in one so you can use it as eye shadow.

I'm only rating this a 3 because I thought I had to sharpen it. Stuck it into my sharpener and shaverd off a piece of plastic. DUH! it has a built in sharpener on the bottom. Juts twist and it will self sharpen. I learned the hard way and now my eyeliner had a small chunk of plastic missing because I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed myself apparently.

OVERALL: 4.5/5
This eyeliner is self sharpening, had shimmer for extra sparkle in my eye, glides on like silk, very creamy, smudge proof / waterproof, and just a super duper smooth pencil liner. WOW. Several ulzaang/ gyaru/ lolitta and gyaru makeup looks can be created using Solone Alice Fantasy Smoody Pencil. Have a look here for your makeup inspiration.  I'm just upset I stuck it in my sharpened and now need to order another one. 

*don't sharpen it, just twist the bottom.
*hard to get a precise point due to self sharpening
*more difficult for a cat eye line

*WATERPROOF <33 oh yes baby!
*very creamy
*glides on easily
*perfect for smudging or smoky eye or eye shadow
*perfect for tight lining
*does not transfer
*comes in lots of colors
*THE BEST pencil for your waterline.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Uniqso Everything Uzzlang Sale, Save Up To 25% OFF!

I love how innocent and pure Uzzlang style is and Uniqso is having a 15 % off promotion so you too can get your fix. Since my readers get an ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT off any order from Uniqso, you can save up to 25% off on your favorite Uzzlang beauty products (just enter code MARIYA at checkout)  ^-^ NO JOKE!

Right now you can get all Uzzlang makeup accessories, such as brown & black big eye circle lenses, natural false eyelashes, eyelid glue, eyeliner & Skin79 CC Cream for 15 % off. basically everything yuo need to be sweet and cute Uzzlang style. I'm so happy because I have been looking for some good cc cream since spring is coming up and my skin gets blotchy. I have read a ton of amazing stuff on the Skin79 cc cream products and have to get my hands on it RIGHT AWAY, so since I'm going to take advantage of this special deal & I figured I would share this, so you can too! They have my favorite Stella Collagen Eyelash Glue on sale too! YES YES

This promotion ends on March 25, but sometimes they run out of their most popular product fast so HURRY!

All you have to do is click on one of the images below and search the word UZZLANG on their site. (Enter code MARYA at checkout for extra 10% off)

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To Tell If Your Circle Lenses Are Inside Out?

Hello everyone! <3
I wanted to do a post on the WRONG AND RIGHT way to put in circle lenses. Inner and outer!

There is actually a way to tell if you have been having a hard time trying to figure out the  mystery behind the wrong and right way pf putting in your circle lenses. If you look closely on the inner part of the lens you will see lighter color that is the part that touches your eye, the darker color will be on the outside.

Also when its the right way, the lens appears more circular on the sides, when the wrong way it will be more triangular. In addition to shape, the rim of the lenses usually curves outwards in a way you definitely don't want in your eye (see pic below). If you put in the lenses in the wrong way you may feel a lot of discomfort. It is important to take care of inserting your lenses correctly, so you don't scratch your iris. If you have not had a doctor show you he correct way to insert lenses, and you do it the wrong way, it can really hurt and be uncomfortable. Please take good care with your precious windows to the soul! 

I hope this post helps anyone who is wondering if you are inserting your circle lenses inside out or not.

P.s. if you are wondering which lenses I'm wearing they are called Beuberry Kitten Eyes Blue from UNIQSO. If you like them and want 10% discount on them, click >>>>HERE<<<< and enter code MARIYA at checkout!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mini Sclera Phantasee Black Titan Lens Review + Coupon

Hello Lovelies! VERY excited to do this review since its my FIRST ever MINI SCLERAS. I was scared and intimidated to try them not only since they are my first black lenses but also because they are the BIGGEST lenses I have.

Just a side note that if you are a first time customer and first time wearer of circle lenses you should give E Circle Lenses Library a thorough read that has been organised by Uniqso. For a wise purchase of circle lenses & to prevent problems which may rise when you are wearing circle lenses the first time please read " Circle Contact Lens Guide Part A (pre-shopping) and Circle Contact Lens Guide Part B (After purchase). Here is my personal opinion and findings ! ^-^
NATURAL EYE COLOR: Greenish-grey with yellow center
Base Curve8.6mm
Color TonesBlack
Diameter17mm (WOW!)
Replacement Period6 months
Water Content38%

Very black! I have never looked so much like a doll before, these are AMAZING for the ultimate Uzzlang look.  the center of these lenses is very abrupt and no"blend" but that what also makes these lenses so unique. I natural color peeked out and made my eyes look ever so mysterious and shiny!

These are just awesome. I LOVE big lenses and these are the biggest ever.  Very happy!

When I first put these lenses in, I did not even notice them, they slid right in without any difficulty or stinging. I really liked  that because I usually wait till I'm done with my make up to put lenses in. Some other lenses make my eyes water once I first put them in but not these! I also have to mention that they felt kind of "breathable", giving my eyes oxygen. They started to dry out after a  few hours, so I had to use my rotho c cube eye drops. I would not recommend wearing them for longer than 4 hours at first and let your eyes gradually get used to how big they are. (increasing wear time by an hour every time you wear them)

Not natural, not on my eyes anyways, but if you have dark color eyes these will blend better with you pupil hole. 

I think these lenses are one of the most unique and dolly looking ones ever. Definitely more of a cosplay lens or your ultimate uzzlang lens! I rate then as a 4/5 because I wish the pupil blend was more gradual. You can make a hot and sexy goth look by just adding red lipstick. MUAH 

Mini Black Scleras

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Photoshoot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lol

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