Friday, November 15, 2013

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green / G&G Shinny Review & Coupon

This review is my personal opinion on Barbie puffy 3 tones green circle lenses on light eyes :)


PRICE: $16.90 (I was excited to see that this was one of the best prices I found on these super popular lenses)

NATURAL EYE COLOR: Greenish-grey with a hint of yellow

Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones3 Tones
Prescription0.00 to -6.00
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content38%

I have always been fascinated with big eyes and and how to enhance them, which lead me to the topic of circle lenses. I was very intrigued and started my research. These Barbie Puffy 3 tone lenses ended up as were my first pair ever! I had to do so much of research before choosing my first pair of circle lenses; but to save your time I am sharing few tips to buying circle lenses. Following these tips you can possibly get the best pair of circle lenses as per your skin tone!

After wearing them just once, I understand why these are so popular in the community. The color of these lenses are so unusual, and quite amazing.

The second I put them on, the first word that popped to mind was 'feline'. These lenses really remind me of cat eyes. They give that very mysterious and alluring feel that feline eyes exude. Pattern-wise, the lenses are not too pixelated or cartoonish - the outer ring is not a thick black line like many other lenses, but is instead a more subtle, thinner ring.

I already have really big eyes and always look for ways to enhance them without looking crazy or having a huge black limbal ring, I really enjoy the effect I get from these. They do not make my eyes look huge but give it that pop.

These lenses are very comfortable, some of the best I have ever tried!

EVERYONE always compliments on my eyes when I wear these circle lenses. They are nicely pigmented and will show up well on ANY eye color which makes them PERFECT for every day wear especially if you are looking to enhance your light eyes (writing from experience).

Overall, these are my all time favorite circle lenses because they are ever so LOVELY. I got them in blue as well and you can find the review for it under circle lens reviews category. These lenses come in several other colors and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying any of them!

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Hope this review helps!

Enjoy! XO


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