Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Circle Lens Review

Hello everyone! After many nights of sleepless research I have found them! Today I am very excited to review my first pair of brown lenses and share my findings. These are definitely opaque, vibrant and flirty circle lenses that will show up great on any eye color due to their pigments.

Just a side note you can always deal with uncomfortable circle lenses at home if you get a blurred vision, itching, pink eye or any other problem wearing circle lenses. If you are new to circle lenses/ colored contact lenses; your eyes may take some time to adapt to circle lenses. However; reading these tips to get used to wearing circle lenses will help you! Newbies often hesitate inserting circle lenses but here are few reasons that why should you get big eye contact lenses.


PRICE: $22.90

NATURAL EYE COLOR: Greenish grey with yellow

They have a soft dark limbal ring and a golden sunburst in the middle to give your irises depth. At first glance, they look gold in the middle and grey on the outside. These lenses will stay true to their color in any light. On my green eyes they appear more yellow, but its a tigers eye yellow that I cant stop looking at myself in the mirror with. When i wore these i pretty much have everyone look my way.

Base Curve:                8.6mm
Color Tones:               2 Tones
Diameter:                   16.2mm
Prescription :              0.00 to -4.50
Replacement Period:  12 months
Water Content :         55%

I’s perfect! This is my all time favorite size of lenses. I even got these in grey!

I wore these for 6 hours last time and did not have any eye drops with me so I had to take them out. I live in California and there is a drastic change of climate between day and nigh, so due to that i noticed the circle lenses dried out a little more than usual. I need to invest in new eye drops. Please send me some suggestions if you have any favorites. XX

Maybe I’m just not used to seeing myself with eye color other than green but these do not seem natural on my eyes. HOWEVER, they look like a vividly hazel & opaque. These lenses would look suuuuuuuuper dreamy on dark eyes. I really really do like these circle lenses because of how unique they look and because they make me feel like a different girl. I wish they blended a little better towards the pupil, but oh well.

OK. These would probably be more natural on brown eyes, but I cant rave ENOUGH about how awesome these lenses are. There are one of my top choices for a night out. If you have light eyes and like something subtle, theses are not it. These lenses don’t look like anything special when they are in the container, but when you put them on, they really do look DREAMY. If you have brown eyes and love hazel eyes, these are a MUST HAVE for you, I cant stress this enough(I’m not even sure why you are still reading this and not getting them shipped to your house already, LOL). I liked these so much that I even got them in grey which are just as great!

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*This review is my personal opinion and for education purposes only ^-^


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  2. Wow! Amazing lenses!!! love them!
    And such awesome girl!