Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beuberry Kitten Eyes Blue Review & Coupon Code

Hello everyone! I have not posted for a while but have been meaning to do a review on one of my favorite styles of lenses in blue. For a while I was on a kick only wearing green but I decided that I should give other colors a try. I am always looking for lenses with not a lot of black in the design so that my light eyes don't look dark.

Since I adore my kitten eyes lenses in green, I figured that blue might be even better and here are my findings:


PRICE: $17.90

NATURAL EYE COLOR: Greenish grey with yellow

This is one of my favorite designs besides puffy 3 tones and the nudys, and the color is opaque, keeping the light integrity of my eyes. I cant decide which color I like more blue or green. What do you think?

Click >>HERE<< for my Beuberry Green Kitten Eyes Review

Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
Prescription0.00 to -5.50
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content55%

Absolutely perfect just like my green ones! I love the small halo effect and an interesting very thin limbal ring which really makes my eyes look big and beautiful.

These make my eyes water more that some other lenses upon inserting them but once i have them in for a while i can barely feel them. Moisturizing drops are a must because these can dry out faster due to a high water content.

There are THE MOST NATURAL BLUE lenses I have ever found, period.

I love them! Sparkly and natural with an incredible enlarging effect. Opaque and will go perfect with any eye color because of that!

These lenses are also known as Vassen Crystal or Vassen Vivian 3 Tone Blue.

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Up above the left side is the inner color and on the right is the color everyone sees on the outside.

They came with a such a cute diamond pattern case<3

No flash:

Just for fun Ii had my bf try these on. They looked goooood <3

PHOTOSHOOT! lol ~~~~~~

I hope you find my review helpful and follow my blog if you like <33
Hugs and kisses!

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