Monday, March 10, 2014

Solone Vivid Fantasy Smoody Pencil Review & Coupon !

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a quick review on the Solone Alice Fantasy Smoody Pencil in Black which I ordered online for tight lining my waterline.

Usually when I do my make up, I load up on my mascara close to my upper waterline to darken it, and I realized there is a much easier solution to that! Tight lining can define and open up your eyes as long as you have the right easy glide eyeliner. So I went on my search, however nothing I could find at my beauty supply stores was smooth or soft enough for everyday use.  Then I set my search online. One n night when  I was ordering my circle lenses from Uniqso, I figured to check out their make up section and found this Smoody eyeliner on sale and went for it. 
Here is my findings:


PRICE: $13.90 $11.82 (I got mine on SALE)

COLOR: Black Glitter

This glides on better than Lancome, Este Lauder or MAC. I have never had a liner like this, you can even blend it for a smoky look with very little effort. It will not transfer and stay in place. I like it for tight lining my upper lash line to darken my lashes and make my eyes pop so I don't over use my mascara there instead.

EASE OF USE: 5/5 This eyeliner is SO CREAMY, literally just glides on but does not transfer to where you don't want it. Its also 2 in one so you can use it as eye shadow.

I'm only rating this a 3 because I thought I had to sharpen it. Stuck it into my sharpener and shaverd off a piece of plastic. DUH! it has a built in sharpener on the bottom. Juts twist and it will self sharpen. I learned the hard way and now my eyeliner had a small chunk of plastic missing because I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed myself apparently.

OVERALL: 4.5/5
This eyeliner is self sharpening, had shimmer for extra sparkle in my eye, glides on like silk, very creamy, smudge proof / waterproof, and just a super duper smooth pencil liner. WOW. Several ulzaang/ gyaru/ lolitta and gyaru makeup looks can be created using Solone Alice Fantasy Smoody Pencil. Have a look here for your makeup inspiration.  I'm just upset I stuck it in my sharpened and now need to order another one. 

*don't sharpen it, just twist the bottom.
*hard to get a precise point due to self sharpening
*more difficult for a cat eye line

*WATERPROOF <33 oh yes baby!
*very creamy
*glides on easily
*perfect for smudging or smoky eye or eye shadow
*perfect for tight lining
*does not transfer
*comes in lots of colors
*THE BEST pencil for your waterline.

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Hope my review helps. :) xoxoxo

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