Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Uniqso Everything Uzzlang Sale, Save Up To 25% OFF!

I love how innocent and pure Uzzlang style is and Uniqso is having a 15 % off promotion so you too can get your fix. Since my readers get an ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT off any order from Uniqso, you can save up to 25% off on your favorite Uzzlang beauty products (just enter code MARIYA at checkout)  ^-^ NO JOKE!

Right now you can get all Uzzlang makeup accessories, such as brown & black big eye circle lenses, natural false eyelashes, eyelid glue, eyeliner & Skin79 CC Cream for 15 % off. basically everything yuo need to be sweet and cute Uzzlang style. I'm so happy because I have been looking for some good cc cream since spring is coming up and my skin gets blotchy. I have read a ton of amazing stuff on the Skin79 cc cream products and have to get my hands on it RIGHT AWAY, so since I'm going to take advantage of this special deal & I figured I would share this, so you can too! They have my favorite Stella Collagen Eyelash Glue on sale too! YES YES

This promotion ends on March 25, but sometimes they run out of their most popular product fast so HURRY!

All you have to do is click on one of the images below and search the word UZZLANG on their site. (Enter code MARYA at checkout for extra 10% off)

XOXOXOX enjoy!

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