Friday, January 10, 2014

Barbie Nudy Blue Circle Lens Review On Light Eyes

Hi Lovelies! Since I am COMPLETELY IN LOVE with my Barbie Nudy Green Circle Lenses, I figured that I would try them in BLUE as well. Here is my review  and personal opinion on my findings :)

Green and blue Barbie Nudy Circle lens comparison.


PRICE: $16.90
NATURAL EYE COLOR: Green with yellow center

I love this design because the limbal ring is not black, its dark blue as natural blue eyes would have.The color is not that vibrant as I was expecting and hoping for but because of that they don't jump out and scream "fake". I also thought that these would not blend well with the center of my eye. To my surprise they are quite supple and soft in the center design allowing a nice blend with my natural eyes.

My favorite enlargement ever. Just perfect :) Basically they are huge, but not alien like. If you have small eyes these may not be as comfortable for you. However since my eyes are fairly large, I'm obsessed with this size.

Theses Nudy series are just awesome. Lately my eyes have been extra sensitive and get red fast, but when i wer these lenses they do not bother my eyes.

These are subtle color lenses and they not have that neon factor to them like some blue lenses do. They give my eyes a navy blue hue. On brown or blue eyes, these would look very natural. I like these lenses a lot because they do not pop pot as fake yet they are very captivating.

I wish these lenses were a bit lighter I feel they lack the soft "fost", but overall I really like them. Very dolly, they don't look super fake, and  they are comfy just like my green nudy ones. 

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I hope my review helps. Hugs and high fives :D

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