Tuesday, January 7, 2014

EOS Ice Grey Circle Lens Review and Free Gift Coupon

Hello Everyone! I have been waiting for a pair of these because they remind me of the chilly weather and are one of the most unique designs I have tried. Here is my personal opinion on the EOS Ice Grey circle lenses.

PURCHASED FROM: Pinky Paradise

PRICE: $22.90

NATURAL EYE COLOR: Greenish grey with a hint of yellow


Diameter:                     14.8mm
Water Content:             38%
Base Curve:                 8.8 mm
Type:                           1 year disposal
Prescription:                 0.00 to -5.50

Sometimes I don't feel like wearing super huge lenses or lenses that are super bight and that is one of the reasons why I picked these. When I first tried them on, they were everything I expected. I design has ice like crystal effects that give my eyes a frosted glass look.  The limbal ring is very subtle, thin and black which is the other reason why I picked these. Because the color is very pigmented and painted white first(on the inside)  these will show up fantastic on any eye color without looking super fake. Just frosty!

The enlargemement is perfect for every day wear. The thin black limbal ring gives a dolly look while giving eyes that twinkle-like pop! I do prefer really big lenses but i gotta say that these are very very cute and no one can tell why you look so dolly.

I have to admit I really did enjoy wearing these because i forgot that they were there. Big bonus for people who wear prescription  :)


The pupil hope is not small or defined and that is one of the reasons why I like these. The blend so well with my eye color without that abrupy change. Leaves people wondering why I look so mysterious. Tehy also have a smoky like effect in addition to the frost.


Very cute lenses. Not very bright but perfect for the days when i feel more subtle or want to rock red lips. They were everything i expected them to be :) My favorite part is how they blend. Oh and they sent me a free gift too.. love it!

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*This review is my own opinion and for information purposes only :)

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  1. Hi Mariya,
    Thanks for the review.
    The lens suite you well. It enhance the natural beauty of your grey eye :)