Thursday, January 23, 2014

FREE Circle Lenses & Make Up for Sharing YOUR Story!

Well hello lovelies! GIIIIIIRL, do I have a cool giveaway to share with you!

UNIQSO is an online home of various kinds of circle lenses and color contact lenses. They are inviting its customers to share their life-changing pleasant experiences with circle lenses and memories worth sharing to be entitled for winning free beauty products. Get big eyes, crazy eyes, ulzzang eyes and cosplay eyes at cheap rates. Fast shipping+ Monthly promotions await you!

UNIQSO believe that makeup has power to inspire and influence.  Every month UNIQSO presents a new “Make up Theme” with tutorial to help people re-create the fascinating makeup looks. Moreover; people can get makeup inspiration from fellow customers too.

Circle lenses and makeup products help transformation into a fashion icon such as gyaru, ulzaang or real life Barbie. Customers are encouraged to choose their style with circle lenses available at UNIQSO and share their experiences of first date, a romantic night out, a club dance, first sweet kiss, graduation party or an award winning cosplay performance.

Customers are encouraged to share their life-changing golden memories with emphasis on circle lenses to get short-listed for winning free beauty products. Every month the winning customer of free products with best personal story will be featured at the website homepage. If you like to enter or would like more info, just send an email to

And if you don't win this time, you can still save 10% off anything you order by entering the code below when you are checking out especially for my readers!


Get it ---->HERE :) or click images below :)


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